Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jubilee 2012

In Boston on Saturday, August 18, we celebrated the silver, golden, and diamond jubilees of ten of our sisters: 270 sisters, relatives, and friends honored them and their 395 years of consecrated Pauline life!

Here they are in name and photo from left to right in the first picture, along with their home of origin and place of assignment:
Sister Majorina Zanatta—Brazil, now Boston
Sister Irene Mary Martineau—Vermont, now Boston
Sister Mary Peter Martin—Ohio, now Alexandria (Virginia) 
Sister Mary Joan Baldino—Sardinia (Italy), now St. Louis
Sister Mary Domenica Sabia—Naples (Italy), now Boston
Sister Maria Noel Macabulos—Philippines, now Boston
Sister Lusia Yvonne Ielonimo—Samoa, now Chicago
Sister Marie Paul—Massachusetts, now Toronto (Ontario)
Sister Ancilla Christine Hirsch—Wisconsin, now Germany
Sister Irene Regina Hoernschemeyer—Missouri, now Honolulu

Bishop Richard Lennon of Cleveland, our Boston chaplain for nearly ten years, came back as principal celebrant and homilist. He said he’s known us long enough to almost qualify as a jubilarian himself! Sr. Linda Salvatore and Phivan Ngoc Nguyen from L.A. arranged all the flowers. All the blooms were donated by our friends at the flower market! Among our friends that day, we counted seven concelebrants, some of whom we haven’t seen for awhile. The novices, too, outdid themselves. They learn liturgy by serving at it and carried this celebration off with love, efficiency, and a flourish. Credit goes also to their director, Sr. Carmen Christi, who was in a thousand places at once—with a smile, no less. Music, d├ęcor, food(!), dining service, conversation, gifts—all made it a memorable occasion.

So when you receive your invitation to a Pauline party, RSVP with an enthusiastic “yes”! If you really can’t make it, know that you’re with us in spirit. The next one just might be your lucky day.
Photos: Sr. Mary Emmanuel Alves, FSP

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