Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bump on a Blog

Daughters of St. Paul postulants
With the Memorial Day weekend over, summer has “officially” begun. That means in-and-out for every Daughter of St. Paul, including this one. This week, for instance, I’m not able to devote my usual input of time and energy to Pauline Faithways, because of other commitments. (I’ll tell you more about those later.) Since I don't want you to feel bumped and I definitely don’t want to leave you without your weekly Pauline connection, allow me to introduce you to some of our illustrious bloggers around the U.S./Toronto province.

Nunblog—“Random reflections of a Catholic nun” ( is Sr. Anne Flanagan’s brief daily fare that she dishes up on any number of topics, often centered on the readings from the day’s Liturgy. Its almost 40,000 visitors over the past 17 months attest to its popularity. Count me in!

Let Christ Be Formed in Me—Daughters of St. Paul Postulant Community ( Informative, inspiring, and entertaining, the irregularly posted articles by our young women in formation are very well written and give their perspective on our congregation and their growth in Christ. They haven’t posted anything since May 17, which was an apology for not writing since April 26. They’re “busy.” It’s not much of an excuse, but like me, they promise to explain themselves soon, when they return from vacation. Meanwhile, enjoy their past posts.

Hell Burns—“The Media Literacy & Theology of the Body blog of Sr. Helena Burns, media nun” ( As quirky and faith-filled as its blogger, this page includes movie reviews, plus promotional announcements about little known events and resources on human sexuality. Since she’s also our Midwest vocation coordinator, it periodically tosses in updates on FSP vocational discernment projects. When people tell me they’ve read this blog, they always laugh—at her and at themselves.

Sister Rose’s My Movies Weblog ( Once or twice a week—when she’s not circling the globe lecturing on media literacy—Sr. Rose Pacatte, director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies, weighs in on the latest movies, TV programs, and other media products that we all consume, shining a little Gospel light into some of their dark corners. Her bevy of commentators hale from all sectors of the media industry.

Pauline Kids—“A blog for parents, teachers, and catechists” ( At a certain point, even the most active kids and families slump into summer doldrums. The Pauline Books & Media (PBM) editorial and design staff team up with the staff of J-Club, the Pauline school book fair office, to offer educational and fun things to think about and do. Its sailing and fishing motif is drawn right from the Gospel. There’s no better place to spend summer than in the water.

St. Joseph Helps—“A place to share stories and hope” ( Spring and summer are traditionally the “in” seasons for real estate, even in a housing market such as ours. Sometimes it seems that it’s the only time that people give Joseph, the carpenter and foster father of Jesus, a second glance. Once a week or so, Sr. Kathryn Hermes shares her own love for Joseph and gathers stories about his intercession, as well as your prayer intentions—yes, including prayers to sell your home!

See you next week!

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