Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Feet of Those Who Publish Salvation (Is. 52:7)

People confuse us with the Paulists all the time: St. Paul, publishing, book stores, evangelization, that sort of thing. If I myself didn’t have a problem keeping religious communities straight—what with all the Charities and Mercies, and St. Josephs—it could get maddening. After all, we’ve both been around a century each, longer in their case. What makes it even harder for people is that there’s a masculine branch of the Paulines, too, who have the same mission we have: The Society of St. Paul, with their own publishing, once known as Alba House, now “St. Paul’s,” like their—our—brothers worldwide.

The Paulists’ mission “gives the Gospel a voice today” in several keys ways. Naturally, it makes sense to do it through media, but they’re not bound to that. The Pauline Family, on the other hand, is: evangelizing specifically through media and evangelizing the media culture, as St. Paul would have done were he walking the earth today.

Same Church, different pew.

Copy editor Sr. Linda S. Boccia hugs "Goliath,"
proofs of John Paul II's monumental work,
Man and Woman He Created Them. 

With our 40 publishing houses around the world, it explains why Pauline Books & Media (PBM) gets serious about the craft. From marketing and editorial, to order fulfillment and customer service, the books and other printed materials, CDs, and DVDs we put out in either digital or hard copy are the premier way we carry out our mission. PBM covers not only our products, but our services, as well: our Web site and store, the J-Club (a school book fair program with a corresponding Web site in the works), workshops and media literacy courses, plus the array of emerging social media we engage in: Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. It doesn’t stop there, either. Whatever is coming down the technological pike falls within the scope of our mission.

Thus the need for continual discernment. PBM doesn’t exist for itself, but for the world it evangelizes. As times change, how is Christ the Master, the Teacher, calling PBM to change so he can respond to the needs, the cries, of his People?

Pauline Books & Media Mission Statement
As apostles of Jesus Christ, evangelizing today’s world:
We are CALLED to holiness by God’s living Word and Eucharist.
We COMMUNICATE the Gospel message through our lives
and through all available forms of media.
We SERVE the Church by responding to the hopes and needs
of all people with the Word of God, in the spirit of St. Paul.

You’ve told us some of what you value in Pauline Books & Media. Following are excerpts from your notes to us:

My mother passed away in May. During Mom’s final days, we played your beautiful Adoration/Eucharistic Hymns CD over and over again. The presence of the Holy Spirit is evident in your music. The CD was the last thing my Mother heard on this earth. The atmosphere it provided her was a gentle transition into Our Lord’s arms. We will be forever grateful to all of you!
Frances M., Tacoma, WA

[PBM] means a constant source of nourishment in my daily routine of spreading the Gospel always.
John, MA

Pauline Books & Media definitely is a way of evangelization, introducing Jesus to those who do not know Him yet.
Audra T., MA

I was moved [to send this contribution for your] important work in furthering the spread of the Gospel because of my personal relationships with your sisters in Pakistan over a period of 33 years while I served in Karachi and Lahore. They are a wonderful group and helped me very much in many ways.
Rev. J. M. C., OP, Hawthorne, NY

As I understand it, your mission is to bring the Word of God to the world.
Your publications and stores are one strategy to do so. These are great resources, and one particular “business model.” As a “brand” your products and recommendations, i.e., what you publish, and what you carry in your stores, provide a “guarantee” for those of us struggling to make good choices.
Robert S., Milton MA

I wish to thank you for all the beautiful tapes and books which I purchased from you. It has been a wonderful experience and I am grateful for all the joys I have received from you. May God continue to shine on all your endeavors.
Rosalind L., Long Island, NY

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