Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best Blog Day

Sr. Anne Flanagan, blogger of "nunblog" (see “My Blog List” at right) sent me an article that told us which times and days of the week are best to enter a blogpost…if we want a shot at having a popular one, that is: It says that Thursday posts made after lunch or work are most frequently read. Doesn’t that boost our faith in the conscientiousness of the workforce?
     So instead of mornings, as I had promised you, I am entering my posts in the evening. But I’m pulling away from the pack and staying with Wednesday. That’s the day that the Pauline Family remembers together how Joseph, husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus, imaged God’s care for them by providing for their needs. We say that if he did such a good job back then, he probably will do just as well by us. It appears he has teamed up with St. Paul the Apostle to meet our spiritual and mission based needs, but he seems to take charge of our prayers for our material needs and for our donors.
     So Wednesday it is. Make it popular by sharing it with a friend or two as you pray with Joseph for their needs:  

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  1. Thanks for all the great news! Looking forward Wednesdays!

  2. Sister, I've been a blogger for a long time and have spent quite a bit of time learning about traffic. Probably the best summary of what I've learned comes from Scott Stratten, author of "UnMarketing". He gave the opening keynote speech at Blogworld Expo this year. A version of his talk can be found here.

    I'm going to blogroll you and keep stopping by to read your blog. I love the fact that you're sharing your wisdom and thoughts with us. Thanks!

  3. Sister, one more suggestion. Another Catholic blogger taught me this one - when someone leaves a comment, always reply. I fail at this sometimes, but I've tried to get better at it. It builds a sense of community among your readers because they feel like their responses are being read. Many commenters will come back to see what you had to say in response. When you don't reply, it looks like you don't care about what they have to say, only what you have to say.

    And with that, I realize I have about 10 unresponded comments over at The Scratching Post. I'd better run!



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